Right & Wrong

Vasco Nunez de Balboa

          1.   When and where was Vasco Nunez de Balboa born?
Answer 1: 1457
Answer 2: 1475

2.   What continents did Balboa visit on his first voyage?

       Answer 1: South America

       Answer 2: South America

3.   Why was Balboa executed?

       Answer 1: treason to the king.

       Answer 2: treason to the king.

John Cabot

1.   When and where was John Cabot born?

      Answer 1: 1405

      Answer 2: 1450

2.   How many sons did Cabot have?

      Answer 1: 11

      Answer 2: 3

3.   Where did Cabot die?

      Answer 1: England

      Answer 2: England

Jacques Cartier

1.   When and where was Jacques Cartier born?

      Answer 1: 1492

      Answer 2: 1491

2.   What ocean did Cartier cross on his first voyage?

      Answer 1: Arctic Ocean

      Answer 2: Atlantic Ocean

3.   Where did Cartier spend his final years?

     Answer 1: France

     Answer 2: France

Happy Earth Day!


Today,we looked at 10 endanger animals.I chose Chinese giant salamander.The Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianas) is the world’s largest amphibian, growing to lengths of up to 6 feet. It used to be common throughout central, southwestern and southern China, where it lives in streams in the forested hills and lays up to 500 eggs at a time in underwater burrows guarded by the male. However, the Chinese giant salamander has now almost completely disappeared due to its over-exploitation as a food source.

Australian Habitats

The Outback 

Kangaroo,emu,bilby and blue-tougued skink live in Outback.My favorite is the kangaroos.It is a marsupial and has a large tail. It likes to fight. The habitat is hot and dry.



Tasmanian devil,wombat and duck-billed platypus live in Tasmania.My favorite animal is Tasmanian devil.It is a marsupial and has whiskers.They stay apart from each other.If their whiskers touch,they might fight.The habitat is dry.


The Great Barrier Reef

Coral,crown-of-thorns starfish,dugong,sea anemone and clown fish live in Great Barrier Reef.My favorite is the crown-of-thorns starfish.It has twenty hands and fifty spines.The habitat is a island.